Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Auditorium Panoramic

Here is another panoramic shot of the interior of the Main Auditorium. Gone is the hideous speaker grill over the stage area, as are the hanging speakers, lamps and bulbous AC vents. The room has taken a sleeker look, thanks especially to recessed lighting.

Note the use of color. The room used to be monochromatic throughout most of its history. The original colors listed at the time of construction were White and Corinthian Gray.

The colors in this panoramic shot are similar to the colors inside the hallways of the Auditorium building. The three colors have been applied to the crest above the stage. There is little evidence to show that the crest ever carried any color other than the white and/or Corinthian gray used in the rest of the room. Nevertheless, the new paint helps highlight some of the design features which were rendered subtle by the room's former colors.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Auditorium: Under Construction

The Auditorium room is currently under renovation. The interior of the auditorium has undergone quite a change, as seen in this panorama. The basement and bathrooms have been spruced up as well.

Work on the Auditorium should be completed by mid-August.